Know about the History of Poland

Poland is a Sovereign Country in Central Europe. There are 16 administrative subdivisions in this unitary state converging 312, 679 sq km with a high temperate climate.  Warsaw is the capital and the largest city in Poland. Poland has had a rich and long history. The country has defended its sovereignty and freedom over the past thousands of years from every foreign aggression on different occasions.  It is the right time to look at History of Poland in detail.

Know about the History of Poland

History of Poland dates back to prehistory times. Slavic tribes arrived and settled down on this territory.  There were three Slav brothers Lech, Czech and Rus wandering with their strong tribes through large forests stretching between two large rivers namely Dnieper in the east and Oder in the west. They looked at a huge oak tree on a hill with a nest between its attractive branches. They focused on a mighty white eagle soared into the sky from the nest.  Lez was happy with this view and considered it as a sign from the Lord for him and his tribes to settle there. They built a town Gniezno soon and made it the capital of their nation.

The Empire of Poland was formed in the year of 1025. This kingdom is cemented a good political union with the Grand Duchy.

The sixteenth century was the golden age of Poland. The Renaissance currents on the whole, were brought about the flourishing of the country. The overall advancements in the arts and science and cultural issues took place in this century. Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was the Polish astronomer and formulated the modern heliocentric theory of the solar system at first.

The Polish National League was founded in Warsaw in 1893. The most of the fights in the First World War took place on the eastern front fought on future Poland territory namely Galicia in 1914. Poland was proclaimed as an independent country in 1918.

Poland’s history in brief  

966 – Christianisation

1025 – Kingdom of Poland

1569 – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

1795 – Partition of Poland

1807 – Duchy of Warsaw

1815 – Congress Poland

1918 – Reconstitution of Poland

1939 – Invasion of Poland, World War II

1945 – Communist Poland

1989 – Republic of Poland

there were more than a few positive changes in the administration in Poland. These changes make this Sovereign Country rich and popular worldwide.



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