Facts about environmental problems and issues in Poland

Poland has faced lots of environmental problems and issues of climate change, which occurs from several companies and factories in the major cities of Poland. Over the years, the global warming issues have increased and caused by the rapid higher rate of carbon dioxide and fossil fuels produced from the industries. If the temperature gets too hot, the fires may happen from the lack of water that would damage the habitats as well as plants in the areas, where the problem occurs in. One of the main causes of environmental problems in Poland is carbon dioxide that causes damages in Poland, which can be obtained from the constructions, energy industries and transportation use.


Usually, the coal can produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, but it is a 90% of electricity production in Poland. This is a major reason why the Poland government has ignored all the protests to reduce the coal use rates that lead to less air pollution. The government thinks the coal is one of the reliable and cheapest to use, but the people think that this idea will save a lot of money to gain more energy as well as for better use. Other than this, the green houses can also cause damages in Poland, which become a higher problem in Poland. Now, the Poland government can get some ideas to reach the less environmental damage and also needs to find the best replacements for the fossil fuels in order to reduce the air pollution rates. for more information visit hamazgan

Waste, water and land use –

Due to pollution damaging, the Poland always needs to use their water wisely. But the water is more important for the factories to manufacture the products and also required for the house hold purposes. Since, the Poland lakes and rivers have been polluted, so the best quality water is not available for people to use. Recently, a part of Poland River has been tested to check for water management as well as for purity level. The rivers are becoming dirty or polluted, because many industries mixing their huge amount of waste water to the river. So, it cannot be used anymore by people. The environmental organizations are taking steps to clean up the water and make it used for other purposes.

Causes –

The technocrats and party are the two main causes for the environmental problems in Poland. Both are rushed unplanned industries of the country.

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