Destination Poland

Poland is located in Eastern Europeon the Baltic Sea. It has a rich medieval architecture, Renaissance footprints as the backdrop of a modern and liberal lifestyle. A Europe tour cannot be complete if you do not meet the Polish and see their land.

Following Are Some Tips That Can Be Of Use If You Have An Upcoming Poland Trip:

  • Best time to visit: People go to Poland for vacation almost all throughout the year. It may be during the summer to spend the Easter vacation or during winter to spend the Christmas holidays. It however depends on what kind of attractions you are planning to enjoy the most in Poland. For example, if you want to enjoy a skiing week on the snow covered mountains, it is better that you go during November to December. This is however an off season for average tourists except during Christmas and New Year holidays. May to September is the usual tourist season to visit this land. The blue sunny sky will greet you. You may expect some rains also. You should take note that some museums are closed during the months of April when there is a soaring temperature.

Destination Poland

  • If you are passionate about history, then you should visit the following places if you are in Poland:
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum: This museum talks about blood, torture and extermination. It was the Nazi’s largest concentration camp. Reportedly some 1.1 million people lost their lives at this very spot. Prepare your mind before you visit this museum that represent the horror of Holoclaust times. These grounds are located in Oświęcim.
  • Jewish Historical Institute: this is located in Warsaw. Experience the richness of culture and heritage the Jews exhibited before the Nazi’s forced them into extermination. You will be enthralled with the beautiful paintings, sculptures and other objects as collected from the houses of the rich and elite Jewish families. The black and white photos of Jewish homes and families who were being tortured and starved to death can be found on the walls. You will be face to face with real history and tales of Polish cities that endured such great pain. Poland has disturbing history that cannot be ignored.

Looking Out For Church That Has A Large Amount Of Historical Significance?

  1. The cathedral at Gniezno: the church has twin towers that mark the city sky. You can study the remarkable Gothic structure. In 1331, the Roman cathedral was once reduced to ruins by the Teutonic Knights. It was rebuilt. It was again ravaged in World War II. After that, it was renovated from various aspects.
  2. Poland has an exquisite natural view and outdoor activities to offer to her tourists.

Following Are Some Names That Has Topped This List:

  1. The Polish Alps: You can begin from Tatras. This is the best place to ski during winter.
  2. Bieszczady: Thick woods and stretching meadows mark this remarkable spot.
  3. Great Masurian Lake should not be missed.

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