Things to Know Before You Visit Poland

Planning a vacation trip to Poland? You’ve come to the right place. Before you visit Poland, there are several things you should know about the amazing tourist destination first. So to make the most of your stay, below we have provided some essential things you need to know before taking a trip to Poland.


The weather in Poland tends to get very hot in summer and quite cold during the winter. Make sure you have your warm coat ready if you are planning to visit in January and February as these are the coldest months. In fact, the temperature in Poland can drop to below freezing so don’t forget to bring a jacket.


Outdoor enthusiasts would definitely love visiting Poland. The beautiful country is surrounded by stunning forests, amazing lakes, and breathtaking mountain ranges. If you are a huge fan of outdoors, then don’t hesitate to put Poland number in your list.


The foods in Poland are not only delightful but budget-friendly as well. The place is no doubt a paradise for food lovers. It offers countless treats that are very attractive and scrumptious. Whether you want pasta or desserts for your brunch, Poland has plenty of foods to offer. Don’t hesitate to try every food — you will not regret it!


Poles definitely love and know how to party. Believe it or not, Poles are a heavy drinker, and they can even drink all night long. It does not matter whether it is a wedding or just a regular Saturday night — people in Poland will always have a reason to celebrate. In addition, there are numerous bars that serve affordable and refreshing drinks.

And you can even get a pint of beer or a glass of wine for only 1 euro! Poland also has its own vodka, which provides a smoother, lighter drinking experience. In Poland, you don’t have to bring lots of money to spend a night bar hopping from one bar to another. All you need to have is a few euros and you’re good to go!


People in Poland are very hospitable. You can expect them to treat you like a family member if you visit their home. However, they might ask you to remove your shoes before entering, but they will give you a pair of warm slippers so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting cold.

Your trip to Poland will be more memorable if you know a thing or two about the place. Consider the things above and you should be able to make the most of your trip. For more info visit

Why you should visit Poland as soon as possible

Why you should visit Poland as soon as possible

There are plenty of things to do and see in Poland. And it’s easy to understand why it’s becoming more and more popular among visitors and tourists. Poland is simply just amazing in so many ways. So, to make your vacation or trip to Poland much exciting and unforgettable, here we will give you the reasons why you should visit Poland as soon as possible.

Foods that are delightful and vegan-friendly

Poland offers countless delightful dishes that will definitely satisfy your cravings and fill your stomach. It’s no doubt that you’ll be very glad to visit Poland, especially if you travel for food. Plus, most eateries have affordable prices and portions are commonly large – you won’t go broke and hungry!

Furthermore, whether you are a vegan or not, you’ll be happy to take a trip to Poland. The place offers delicious and affordable vegan restaurants. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes to try and choose from!


Vodka drinkers would absolutely love Poland. The popular destination produces cheap, refreshing vodka that you and your buddies would enjoy. What makes their Vodka quite famous is the price – they are available at a low cost.


Poland is surrounded by huge numbers of historical museums, including the National Museum, Lost Soul’s Alley, Stained Glass Museum, and many more. Some require an entrance fee while offer free entrance so makes sure to bring extra cash!


Believe it or not, most activities in Poland are way cheaper than other countries, and this is one of the best reasons why tourists love visiting it. From restaurants, shops, and transportation – everything is cheap!

Beaches and Parties

The place is packed with amazing beaches that will give you and your loved ones the superb relaxation. Although the beaches in Poland can get a bit crowded, especially during summer, they’re still worth visiting.

In addition, people in Poland really loves to party. If you do, too, then don’t hesitate to visit Poland! Poles can drink and party all day and all night. This is one of the best reasons to travel to Poland – that’s for certain.

Planning a trip to Poland with your loved ones or friends? Above are just some of the reasons why visit Poland – there’s a lot more to see and do! So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and pack your things as soon as possible. You will not regret choosing Poland as your vacation destination – that is guaranteed.

Top Places to Visit in Poland

Poland is surrounded by interesting places that make it one of the best popular travel destinations for tourist or visitors. There are many things Poland has to offer for both locals and visitors — it’s not only a rich history! If you are planning to visit Poland soon, then you want to read on as we’re going to share with you some of the best places to visit in Poland.




It’s no doubt — Warsaw is probably one of the most, if not, the most popular city in Poland. This place is special for many reasons. Here, you can find countless amazing monuments. Moreover, the city is ideal for those who love shopping, clubbing or walking as there are lots of malls, bars, and colorful streets around. Warsaw is also full of fun and exciting concerts, events, and shows that you and your loved ones would definitely love!




Kraków is the second biggest city in Poland. And if you are a huge fan of mysterious pubs, cafes, and historical museums, then you’ll truly fall in love with Kraków. There are lots of astonishing things to see and do in the city. There is no doubt that you can rest assured that you will not get bored here. Furthermore, the city is also encircled by numerous restaurants that offer delightful foods.




If you are looking for some entertainment while you’re in Poland, then better make sure to visit Wroclaw. You can find beautiful islands and river parks that are connected by bridges. In addition, Wroclaw offers exciting nightlife and festivals, making it an ideal destination for clubbers and walkers. Also, don’t forget to bring a camera as there are many historical places around Wroclaw.


Wieliczka Salt Mine


When visiting Poland, don’t forget to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This remarkable destination will definitely keep you and your buddies busy for several hours. The tour will take a few hours of walking and sightseeing. You’ll go through a number of difficult passages that makes a tour quite a challenge, which makes the Salt Mine a perfect destination for those who love adventure. Also, be sure to wear proper trekking attire to make the Salt Mine tour a lot easier and unforgettable.


There are many interesting places to visit in Poland, and above you can see some of them. Make sure not to miss out the chance to visit any of the places above to make your trip or vacation worth it!



travel to the Poland

When you wish to travel to Poland then you can include all the most interesting places into it  

Planning for a trip is as like you are making some of the magical efforts. When you preplanned all the things in the better way, sure you would get all success. Suppose in case if you had missed something then your entire plan would collapse upside down. The best place where you can enjoy along with your family or friends is the Poland. It is the places of enjoyment where you can spend your day for yourself that too along with the person whom you like. The southern Poland is a fascinating mountainous region which includes the Sudetes in the south-west.

  • You can visit bioloweiza forest where you can find the large remnant.
  • You can enjoy all the beauty in the Tatra national park.

There are still more lots of interesting places that are available in Poland so it would be well and good when you get your Poland travel tips from someone who is experienced. Then you have to check out all your the basic things carefully

  • Poland is not as cold as like you wish so you can feel free to go along with your family but also you have to take all the protective aids as like sweaters.
  • Have only the good and hygienic water as well it is illegal when you drink in the street.

Try to know all the things that you are going to go in your trip

When you are planning a trip then you have to be ready for all the things and the planning is the most important thing to make your happy trip and you can make use of the Poland guide. By using the local guide you can easily go to all the places.

You can also book your trip through the agencies where you can able to get the best Poland travel tips. When you suggest all the things that you are expecting for the trip then they would plan according to that and arrange all the things as per your wish. Even you don’t want to worry about the food and the hotel rooms they would take care of all the things. This makes all your work so simple once when you have no tension in planning the things. Then there you can able to enjoy a lot without feeling for what you have to do for the next.

Facts about environmental problems and issues in Poland

Poland has faced lots of environmental problems and issues of climate change, which occurs from several companies and factories in the major cities of Poland. Over the years, the global warming issues have increased and caused by the rapid higher rate of carbon dioxide and fossil fuels produced from the industries. If the temperature gets too hot, the fires may happen from the lack of water that would damage the habitats as well as plants in the areas, where the problem occurs in. One of the main causes of environmental problems in Poland is carbon dioxide that causes damages in Poland, which can be obtained from the constructions, energy industries and transportation use.


Usually, the coal can produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, but it is a 90% of electricity production in Poland. This is a major reason why the Poland government has ignored all the protests to reduce the coal use rates that lead to less air pollution. The government thinks the coal is one of the reliable and cheapest to use, but the people think that this idea will save a lot of money to gain more energy as well as for better use. Other than this, the green houses can also cause damages in Poland, which become a higher problem in Poland. Now, the Poland government can get some ideas to reach the less environmental damage and also needs to find the best replacements for the fossil fuels in order to reduce the air pollution rates. for more information visit hamazgan

Waste, water and land use –

Due to pollution damaging, the Poland always needs to use their water wisely. But the water is more important for the factories to manufacture the products and also required for the house hold purposes. Since, the Poland lakes and rivers have been polluted, so the best quality water is not available for people to use. Recently, a part of Poland River has been tested to check for water management as well as for purity level. The rivers are becoming dirty or polluted, because many industries mixing their huge amount of waste water to the river. So, it cannot be used anymore by people. The environmental organizations are taking steps to clean up the water and make it used for other purposes.

Causes –

The technocrats and party are the two main causes for the environmental problems in Poland. Both are rushed unplanned industries of the country.

Know about the History of Poland

Poland is a Sovereign Country in Central Europe. There are 16 administrative subdivisions in this unitary state converging 312, 679 sq km with a high temperate climate.  Warsaw is the capital and the largest city in Poland. Poland has had a rich and long history. The country has defended its sovereignty and freedom over the past thousands of years from every foreign aggression on different occasions.  It is the right time to look at History of Poland in detail.

Know about the History of Poland

History of Poland dates back to prehistory times. Slavic tribes arrived and settled down on this territory.  There were three Slav brothers Lech, Czech and Rus wandering with their strong tribes through large forests stretching between two large rivers namely Dnieper in the east and Oder in the west. They looked at a huge oak tree on a hill with a nest between its attractive branches. They focused on a mighty white eagle soared into the sky from the nest.  Lez was happy with this view and considered it as a sign from the Lord for him and his tribes to settle there. They built a town Gniezno soon and made it the capital of their nation.

The Empire of Poland was formed in the year of 1025. This kingdom is cemented a good political union with the Grand Duchy.

The sixteenth century was the golden age of Poland. The Renaissance currents on the whole, were brought about the flourishing of the country. The overall advancements in the arts and science and cultural issues took place in this century. Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was the Polish astronomer and formulated the modern heliocentric theory of the solar system at first.

The Polish National League was founded in Warsaw in 1893. The most of the fights in the First World War took place on the eastern front fought on future Poland territory namely Galicia in 1914. Poland was proclaimed as an independent country in 1918.

Poland’s history in brief  

966 – Christianisation

1025 – Kingdom of Poland

1569 – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

1795 – Partition of Poland

1807 – Duchy of Warsaw

1815 – Congress Poland

1918 – Reconstitution of Poland

1939 – Invasion of Poland, World War II

1945 – Communist Poland

1989 – Republic of Poland

there were more than a few positive changes in the administration in Poland. These changes make this Sovereign Country rich and popular worldwide.



Destination Poland

Poland is located in Eastern Europeon the Baltic Sea. It has a rich medieval architecture, Renaissance footprints as the backdrop of a modern and liberal lifestyle. A Europe tour cannot be complete if you do not meet the Polish and see their land.

Following Are Some Tips That Can Be Of Use If You Have An Upcoming Poland Trip:

  • Best time to visit: People go to Poland for vacation almost all throughout the year. It may be during the summer to spend the Easter vacation or during winter to spend the Christmas holidays. It however depends on what kind of attractions you are planning to enjoy the most in Poland. For example, if you want to enjoy a skiing week on the snow covered mountains, it is better that you go during November to December. This is however an off season for average tourists except during Christmas and New Year holidays. May to September is the usual tourist season to visit this land. The blue sunny sky will greet you. You may expect some rains also. You should take note that some museums are closed during the months of April when there is a soaring temperature.

Destination Poland

  • If you are passionate about history, then you should visit the following places if you are in Poland:
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum: This museum talks about blood, torture and extermination. It was the Nazi’s largest concentration camp. Reportedly some 1.1 million people lost their lives at this very spot. Prepare your mind before you visit this museum that represent the horror of Holoclaust times. These grounds are located in Oświęcim.
  • Jewish Historical Institute: this is located in Warsaw. Experience the richness of culture and heritage the Jews exhibited before the Nazi’s forced them into extermination. You will be enthralled with the beautiful paintings, sculptures and other objects as collected from the houses of the rich and elite Jewish families. The black and white photos of Jewish homes and families who were being tortured and starved to death can be found on the walls. You will be face to face with real history and tales of Polish cities that endured such great pain. Poland has disturbing history that cannot be ignored.

Looking Out For Church That Has A Large Amount Of Historical Significance?

  1. The cathedral at Gniezno: the church has twin towers that mark the city sky. You can study the remarkable Gothic structure. In 1331, the Roman cathedral was once reduced to ruins by the Teutonic Knights. It was rebuilt. It was again ravaged in World War II. After that, it was renovated from various aspects.
  2. Poland has an exquisite natural view and outdoor activities to offer to her tourists.

Following Are Some Names That Has Topped This List:

  1. The Polish Alps: You can begin from Tatras. This is the best place to ski during winter.
  2. Bieszczady: Thick woods and stretching meadows mark this remarkable spot.
  3. Great Masurian Lake should not be missed.